His walk to global superstardom is complete with 1st Front Page spread!

Flash Atkins can finally kiss his life goodbye as a superhero plucked from the musicial underbelly of lifes hard knocks, and bask in the delicious glory that this ‘best hero in village’ local rag coverage will bring – Kyrptonite?

Pah ….. he’s even aroused the curiousity of the Queen during his forthcoming Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth performance.
How’s he gonna get up there you ask – Cherry Picker? nahhhh he’ll fly of course….

Hebden Bridge Times

Into The Valley No. 3

Into The Valley returns for its third installment of acid house, cutting edge bands, dancefloor mayhem and pale ale.intothevalley

Saturday, 12th September 2009
Trades Club
, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 8EE
£5/£7.50 (non-members)
9.30pm – 1.30am

Into the Valley Facebook group at www.facebook.com

James Holroyd (Back2Basics/Bugged Out!)

Sisters of Transistors (Live)

Flash Atkins (ITV / We Are Woodville / PAPERecordings)

Chris Price (ITV / What the Freak?)

Flash Atkins has also done a new DJ mix that is a blend of house, disco,
dubstep, techno, soul, breaks, electronica and balearic. Unbelievable I
know, but he does have the power to manipulate sound.


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