Paper Remixer Jay Shepheard in DJ Mag

Jay Shepheard has remixed the next Proviant Audio single, Hey, Let’s Do It (out March) and here’s an interview with him in the new DJ Mag.

Mat Playford presents Hermani – OUT NOW

The irrepressible Mat Playford is back with his second release for PAPER.

The Inflection Point EP was written especially for to launch his Ibithan – We Love party this week setting up this summers Space residency.

Mat is one of house music’s emerging talents with his productions hitting the sweet spot for DJs such as Sasha and Paul Woolford. His debut release for us ‘Tuning Issues’ received a five star review in January’s DJ Mag nailing peak time floors from San Paulo to Lisbon to London.

The Inflection Point EP nods to the golden age of house music when Tribal Records reigned supreme and PAPER was but a glint on the Hard Times dancefloor; everything tied together with 00s production and know-how.

Advice in Café Sydney is deep, techy and swinging with a dirty off-kilter bass holding down an analogue riff that works a killer groove.

The Breath has an Erik Kupper sound to it that is deep soulful garage and sounds like a 7am moment on the Med, especially as the synth solo does it’s thing.

Finally Inflection Point is deeeeep and sparse but with balearicy washes tied round a tough and driving bottom end. Phoar!

    DJ Reactions

Jim Stanton – Horse Meat Disco- “Great track deep n groovy. support!”

Laurent Garnier “Really like “the breath” Will play this a lot”

Murray Richardson “Well smart ep – like all the trax on this – perfect for russia this weekend!”

Mat Playford presents Hermani – Advice In Cafe Sydney by paperecordings

Mat Playford presents Hermani – Inflection Point by paperecordings

Mat Playford presents Hermani – The Breath by paperecordings

Folding back your Ears

In true origami style, our homage to clashing jewels from the past and present – the current PLANE PAPER project; gets some column inches in DJMAG this month. You can download a snazzy booklet to….mmmmmm. The Bill Brewster mix is the best.


Mat Playford DJ Mag Guest Reviewer

Music loon and creator of the Tuning Issue EP on PAPERecordings offers up his opinions on the latest tunes in DJ Mag. What a handsome man!

Tuning Issues Mixmag Review

Mixmag Review

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