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Record Label Services offers a tailored service for music producers, artists managers and established labels to engage with the music market. Here’s some of the labels we work with:


We Are Woodville are established under the counter purveyors of pop, constantly adding to its illustrious list of conspirators by presenting new projects guaranteed to make your tongue tingle – the visual impact will be orchestrated by designers such as Seismik / Blue Animation and the aural candy handed out by Hakan Lidbo, Flash Atkins, Caspa Codina, Radioproof and Dieter & the Gadabouts, Jus Listen, Magik Johnson, Sweet Jesus, Stop the Car and many more.

Find out more archived artist and recording info from OURSHOP, MySpace, FaceBook group and at DISCOGS

logoPAPER kicked off in 1994, leading the upsurge in popularity of UK house music within an underground scene previously dominated by a soundtrack from US cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York. Enhanced by a strong visual identity, as well as impeccable musical quality control, PAPER was, and is one of the world’s most treasured record companies.

Find out more archived artist and recording info from OURSHOP, FaceBook Fanpage and at DISCOGS

NEAT Music is the brainchild on New Zealand’s biggest DJ and producer, Dick “Magik” Johnson. Dick has released his brand of deep and dirty tech-house on any label worth moving your feet to including Underwater, Southern Fried and NRK as well as killing floors worldwide. Fed up with seeing his tracks getting bogged down in record company release schedules and promotions he wanted a label where the music was available to buy while the masters were still warm. With the help of the people from Paper Recordings, Neat will have it’s releases ready to download in record time using social networking to deliver straight to the public. With the un-discovered underground of NZ music to pick from it will sit at the bleeding edge of electronic, forward thinking dance music. Neat Music is an exciting venture for exciting times.


defDrive is an independent music co. showcasing exciting new electronic talent from around the globe….
Since it’s debut from the Puppetmastaz, defDrive has shone light on some serious creative talent ranging from Snax, Gus Gus, Spektrum, Peaches, Shapemod, George Demure, Ladytron, Crazy P, Jeans Team, 33Hz, Kissogram, My Robot Friend, Mock And Toof, Radio Slave, Rob Mello, Melnyk, James Priestley & Dan Berkson, Magik Johnson, Max Pask and Flash Atkins.

Find out more on its MySpace and FaceBook group pages plus archived info from http://www.discogs.com and OURSHOP.
Find out more archived artist and recording info from OURSHOP, MySpace and at DISCOGS

logoRepap Records Repap Records is an imprint revelling in all sorts of leftfield tweakery from the likes of Matthew Herbert (The MusicMan), 0898 Dave, Andy Votel, sixties legend Bobby Trafalgar and many other aural delights design to stretch your cortex.

Find out more archived artist and recording info from OURSHOP and DISCOGS

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