Flash Atkins Newsletter Summer 2010

Flash Atkins has been busy holed up in his camper van brewing cider and smoking dried banana skins. Another feather to stick in his cape is winning the Laneside Farm Summer Fete Arm Wrestling Championship in Hebden Bridge, but I’m not sure it can be said that it was won fair and square as his opponents didn’t have the use of superpowers.

The man with the dirty cape is out on the road DJing and has put together a live show, The Flash Atkins Experience. Expect breakdancing, sound manipulation, lasers, guitars, bongos, big bass, Tim and Tom from Crazy P and DATG plus of course plenty of Flash Atkins D.I.S.C.O. music.
Aug 21 (DJ Set) Bang Bang, Kilmarnock
Aug 29 (DJ Set) Soul Buggin’ BBQ, Moog, Nottingham
Sept Live (Live) Péchés Mignons presents , Cardiff Arts Institute
Sept 24 (Live) Into The Valley, Hebden Bridge (with Ashley Beedle)

Fan Page
There is the all new Flash Atkins Fan Page and Band Page which is where all the action happens from now on. Go ahead, like it and bring world peace!
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New Mix
There’s a new mix up on http://soundcloud.com/flash-atkins/flash-atkins-mix-summer-2010 to stream or download. It’s got unreleased tracks from Flash and PAPERecordings plus the usual afrodiscohouseyshizzle.

Out on September 6 is the Flash Atkins mix of We Could Be by Justin Robertson’s The Deadstock 33s. It draws on house, funk and electro for some deep but lively spacedisco.
Next up is his own deep, burning soul sizzler that is Make Your Move with Danielle Moore on vocals and mixes from Atjazz & Ashley Beedle. Both releases are out on PAPERecordings PAPERecordings Website
He’s also just finished a mix of Electro Tsunami by The Real Dolls that will be out on Manchester’s Switchflicker Records.

The Flash Atkins Summer Mix and a Q & A is up on a Funky Doo’s new blog.
A Funky Doo

Keep In Touch

Flash Atkins Hits Funkydoo with a Mix plus Q & A

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Into The Valley 6

Stage Powered by Flash Atkins Hangover

Flash Atkins feat. Danielle Moore – Chant No.1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) OUT NOW

Chant No.1 (Stop The Car Mix) by Flash Atkins

Flash Atkins feat. Danielle Moore – Chant No.1 (DATG Remix) by Flash Atkins


Flash Atkins feat. Danielle Moore :
Chant No.1 (I Can’t Keep This Pressure On) – The Remixes

Flash Atkins…Superhero, boozer and welfare sponger is back with a remix package of Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) originally by 80s chubsters Spandau Ballet.

Chant No.1 features Crazy P’s Danielle Moore on vocals and was out last year as part of the Fags & Booze EP. It’s quirky nu-disco got props from Chris Coco, Groove Armada, Leo Zero & Cosmic Disco. The tracks in this package are the result of a remix competition that We Are Woodville ran.

Manchester’s DATG have created side-chained piece of deep, dark disco that guaranteed for dancefloor mayhem, especially after the drop!

New kid on the block Aaron’s Smith’s Stop The Car remix goes down the disco edit route by cutting things up and piecing it back together to ride the groove with snatched efx.

It’s a quirky all round a package that hits the disco zetgeist!

Jim Stanton (Horsemeat Disco) – GREAT! In the set , what good sound. I still play the original and will def be giving this a good play. Love it!

Stuart Knight (Toolroom) – I think i’m becoming a BIG FLASH ATKINS fan !!! Aaron Smiths mix is the one for me here.

Billy Scurry – Killer, been hammering the original, great package…ten stars

Untitled Music – Funky nu-disco house 4/4 beater tunes are the stuff superheroes are made of and Flash is no different! With Danielle Moore on vocals the two tracks are a heady blend of intoxicating beats, synth chords and a slap of soul to the grooves!

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – stop the car mix – odd but interesting

Murray Richardson – Love this, always loved this & love the remixes too!

Jonny Miller (Jus’ Listen) – Flash is a loser but this tune is a winner! Love it, silky disco for silky discos

Beats in Space – liking the DATG mix

Henri Kohn – Wooo wooo, nice one, feelin it big ups

Joakim – Interesting mix by DATG, unexpected.

Martin Brew – DATG mix is a winner…suitably wonky enough for me…love it!

Advokkat – Great & crazy track – It s a funny track – I like that

Ewen Beginerz – Brilliant, i really like this.

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